Rembrandtplein 17-I
1017 CT Amsterdam
Tel: +31 (0)20-6252011
Drieharingstraat 6
3511 BJ Utrecht
Tel: 030-2311577

Opening hours

Wednesdays from 17.00 - 01.00 hrs
Thursdays from 17.00 - 01.00 hrs
Fridays from 17.00 - 04.00 hrs
Saturdays from 17.00 - 04.00 hrs



On Fridays and Saturdays De Kroon will be transformed into a club, the furniture will be removed so you can dance all night to the Soulful House tunes, R&B and Hip-hop of dj’s Danney Canova, Patrick, Ignatio and Jay Jay.

Our photographer will be around to shoot some party pictures that you can find on our Facebook page.
Enjoy your stay in De Kroon!


See inside

Wardrobe rules

1. Use of the wardrobe is at the user's own risk. Part 9 of Book 7 of the Civil Code relating to "custody" does not apply to the agreements between Café Restaurant de Kroon and users of the wardrobe.

2. For use of the wardrobe a fixed price is set of € 1,50 euro per item, to be paid cash. Accepted items are jackets, bags, helmets and umbrellas. These or similar items cannot be taken inside, except for purses or small handbags. Items with a value of € 150,00 or more should not be placed in custody. Café Restaurant de Kroon does not take any responsibility for damage or loss of items with a value that exceeds € 150,00.

3. Turned in coats and bags have to be free of content. Any content of coats and bags do not fall under the custody and responsibility of Café Restaurant de Kroon.

4. Café Restaurant de Kroon is entitled to check the content of the turned in items. Café Restaurant de Kroon reserves the right to refuse items that are too valuable, too large or unusual items or items with (possible) prohibited contents. The customer indemnifies Café Restaurant de Kroon from damages caused by the (contents of) the turned in items.
5. For every turned in item one receipt will be provided. Return of items is only possible whit the presentation of the receipt to the cloakroom employee. This also applies to the temporary return of items. With the temporary return a new receipt has to be issued against payment of euro 1.50 per item.

6. If you lose your receipt Café Restaurant de Kroon will, after closing or at the end of the event, efforts to find the item. If no receipt can be shown, Café Restaurant de Kroon is not liable in any way for the consequences.

7. Obviously Café Restaurant de Kroon will try to secure and monitor all items that have been placed in custody. Café Restaurant de Kroon cannot guarantee that the items will be returned at all times (nor guarantee that they are returned in the same state).

8. Café Restaurant de Kroon is not liable for damages to the user items, except for damage caused by intent or gross negligence of Café Restaurant de Kroon or its employees. Liability for indirect or consequential damages is excluded. Lability of Café Restaurant de Kroon is always limited to 150 euros per deposited item (including its contents).

The management

If you lose something at Café de Kroon please visit Café de Kroon the next day at the opening time around 16.00 hours. Ask on arrival for the management and explain you lost something with a detailed description of your lost item.

If you are not able to visit Café de Kroon the next day, please mail to and send us a detailed description of your lost item, if possible a photo, together with the date on which you lost your item. We will try our very best to track down your lost item. If we find the item, we will secure it and confirm that we found the item by e-mail. With this e-mail you can pick up the lost item any day when we are open, within a month, during opening hours.

Lost or forgotten items will not be send by post, but can only be picked up at Café de Kroon.

Café de Kroon donates all items which have not been picked up within a month to charity. Found and hand in ID’s/Passports will be hand over to the police.


As a member of the Dutch trade association for hotel and catering industry we apply their Uniform Conditions. Click here to download these terms and conditions (voor Nederlandse voorwaarden klik hier).